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customer faqs

seller FAQs

My local branch is closed, are you still open for business?

In accordance with government guidelines regarding Coronavirus, to protect our colleagues and our customers our branches are temporarily closed, but our teams continue to work for our customers. To contact us you can still use your local branch contact details or by using our online chat facility.

Please be assured as there are any notable changes in the situation we will keep you fully informed.

How do I contact you while your High St branch is closed?
My property is on the market, how are you promoting it?
How will you manage viewings safely, at this time?
My property is on the market and I would like to reduce the price
I have agreed an offer on my property, can you still progress my sale?
If our chain collapses, how will you manage this?
How do I pass the keys to my purchaser if your branch is closed?

buyer FAQs

How do I contact you when your High St branch is closed?
Can I still view a property I'm interested in?
I had put an offer in on a property, what happens now?
Should I put my purchase on hold for now?
Can I still use a removal company and complete my purchase now we're in lockdown?
How do I collect the keys to my new home if your branch is closed?

mortgage & protection FAQs

Will I still be able to get a mortgage?
I've submitted my mortgage application, but will it still go ahead?
What is a mortgage payment holiday?
I'm worried about paying my mortgage, how do I apply for a mortgage payment holiday?
I own more than one property. Can I apply for multiple mortgage holidays?
Are there any other alternatives to mortgage payment holidays?
I have had a mortgage offer from your mortgage consultant, will it still stand in 3 months?
I need to set up a mortgage appointment with you, how do I do that?
How do I contact my local Mortgage Consultant if your branch is closed?
I need to speak to someone about my remortgage - who do I contact?

How do I make a claim on my Aviva / Ageas policy I set up through you?
I'm not sure I'll be able to pay my monthly insurance/protection premiums, what should I do?
My insurance policy is due to renew, will this be affected by Coronavirus?
I've just taken out new policies with you, will they start as agreed?

conveyancing FAQs

My case is ready to exchange and complete, what happens now?
Is it a bad idea to exchange and complete on the same day?
Should I even go ahead with my sale/purchase?
I've exchanged contracts, but due to Covid-19 my circumstances have changed and I am unable to complete on the sale/purchase, what can I do?
I am waiting to exchange, will you still be working on my case?

landlord FAQs

How do I contact you while your local branch is closed?
My tenant can't afford to pay rent – what are my rights?
My property is still available, will it still be marketed?
How will you deal with any problems that my tenants report to you?
I have a property visit arranged, will this still go ahead?
I have a property ready to let, can you still carry out a rental appraisal for me?
What does the term 'eviction freeze' mean?
Can I still visit my tenant if there is a problem with the property?
If I lose rental income, will I be reimbursed?
Will planned changes to Section 21 still go ahead?
Will the Covid-19 situation affect the rental value of my property?
My property is still available, how will you carry out viewings?
My property is empty, can you still market it and carry out viewings?
How can you do viewings in a property where someone is self-isolating?
If a departing tenant has had Coronavirus, do I need to do a deep clean at the property?
Can I take out a Rent Protection Policy now in case my tenant is unable to pay the rent?
Does my Rent Protection Policy cover me if the tenant fails to pay the rent due to the current circumstances?

tenant FAQs

How do I get in touch with you while your local branch is closed?
How can I view a property I'm interested in?
I am self-isolating, is there any way I can view one of your properties remotely?
I'm due to move into one of your rental properties, will it still happen?
What happens if my property needs a repair?
Do I still have to pay rent if my income is affected by Covid-19?
Contractors are coming to the property, what is the procedure for handing over keys, letting them in?
I am self-isolating, how do I cancel a planned maintenance visit?
What happens in case of an emergency repair and I am self-isolating?
My tenancy is coming to an end, but I don't feel comfortable with viewings taking place for prospective new tenants at the moment, can I refuse them?
I am due to move out in the next few days, can this still go ahead?
customer support

If you can't find the help and advice that you need within our FAQs, please get in touch with our customer support team by:

- using or webchat facility
- call us on 0238 0080504
- or you can email our support team