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mortgage newsletter - summer 2021

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>> the changing shape of mortgages

It’s fair to say a lot has happened in the housing market over the past year or so with a total shutdown and three national lockdowns all taking their toll on the economy. But as we continue to see the vaccine rollout and an easing of COVID restrictions unfold across the UK, what is the current state of the mortgage market and how can it benefit you?

More choice and low-deposit lending

One of the biggest changes to the mortgage market this year is choice. According to Moneyfacts, residential mortgage availability rocketed in May 2021 by 53% when compared to products in May 2020 showing significant growth in the market and eagerness from lenders to get people moving again.*

A significant contribution to this year-on-year recovery is found in the return of 90-95% loan-to-value mortgage products from all the major lenders. At the height of the pandemic and throughout lockdown these products were virtually non-existent. This meant hopeful first-time buyers in particular couldn’t afford the higher deposits to make it onto the property ladder. Fortunately, 90% of loan-to-value deals have now flooded the mortgage market again, with almost five times as many deals as last year.

95% loan-to-value mortgages are also back to stay with availability having nearly tripled from May 2020 figures (buoyed by the Government’s mortgage guarantee scheme and resumed lender confidence in the market).

If you, a family member or a friend have a small deposit and are unsure about what options might be available, you should arrange to speak to one of our professional Mortgage Consultants. We have access to a wide range of 90% loan-to-value products, (some of which are exclusive) and a number of 95% loan-value-mortgage deals to help anyone move with just a 5% deposit.

Record low rates and competitive deals to save money

With more choice comes more competition – which is great if you are looking for a mortgage deal to save money!

In order to remain competitive and attract new customers, lenders are frequently slashing rates on their current offers (typically 2 year and 5 year fixed deals are seeing the biggest reductions). With record low rates, if you are coming to the end of an initial fixed-rate period, now is the time to review your options and consider remortgaging on to a better product, potentially making noticeable savings on your monthly repayments.

The combination of low remortgage rates and the effects of Stamp Duty has also influenced a surge in remortgage activity. Many homeowners who have bought a property in a rush to beat the stamp duty deadline have benefitted from a rise in property prices and have seen their loan-to-value decrease and equity increase. This means they can now look to remortgage with access to even better rates due to being in a lower loan-to-value bracket.

In some cases, properties have been inherited and need to be remortgaged to release equity on the property to pay off any outstanding mortgage debt.

With the pace of change, it is important to speak to a professional to help make sense of the different options. Remember, attractive low rates aren’t the only thing to consider when searching for the ‘cheapest deal’. You need to look at the overall cost of the mortgage product, factoring in additional fees, lender criteria and the length of time (mortgage term) you wish to borrow for. Our professional Mortgage Consultants can help you understand the overall costs and find the best deal for your individual circumstances.

Demand for property still high vs. easing of restrictions

There were concerns that the changes to stamp duty in England would create a cliff edge for the housing market after the deadline had passed (having a knock-on effect on mortgage levels). Similarly, questions remain on whether further easing of COVID restrictions will spur many to seek out a much-needed holiday or reunion with loved ones over the summer months, putting their property plans on the back-burner. The tapering off of the furlough scheme may also impact people’s affordability and dreams of homeownership.

It’s very difficult to predict which way some of these changes will develop. Sentiment in the market is that the demand for property is still high and therefore demand for competitive mortgage deals will prevail.

The pandemic has created a fundamental shift in how we live and work. Many wish to adopt a more flexible ‘hybrid homeworking’ approach so may need more space for a home office or wish to move away from the city as commuting is no longer an issue. As restrictions ease some may want to move closer to loved ones following a long separation or get more space to entertain and some may want to release equity on their property and remortgage to a better deal (looking after their finances after a tumultuous year).

Whatever the reason and whatever the future holds, now is a great time to start considering your options as the mortgage market is teeming with possibilities.

To find out more about the current lending market or for a review of your mortgage and protection options, get in touch today on 01525 244 589

*Source: https://www.ftadviser.com/mortgages/2021/05/11/mortgage-availability-up-53-in-covid-recovery/ 

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>> new normal for home insurance

What does ‘new normal’ mean for your home insurance? 

Now we’ve got some of our freedom back, we’re doing a lot of making up for all the things we’ve been missing out on. So, it’s worth thinking about whether your home insurance covers you now that life is a bit different.

Change 1: Being out is the new staying in

Cafes! Garden centres! Pubs! Museums! Anywhere but home seems like the most exciting place in the world to go, right now. 

We’re so keen to visit friends and family, our weekends are booked up for months already!

We’re all discovering there’s more beauty on our doorstep than we thought, and because it’s easier to go on a staycation, you’re likely to go on a few.

All this time spent in the big wide world makes it important to make sure anything valuable you leave in your home or take on your trips, is properly covered. The Homeguard policy from Ageas is 5-star rated by the independent financial review body, Defaqto, so you know it meets their high standards. And, its personal possessions insurance covers your possessions for up to £2,500 wherever you are in the world, which is great if you make it abroad this year or are planning ahead for next year’s getaway!

Change 2: Getting used to going out will take time

We’re all a bit rusty at avoiding disasters outside, so be ready for more ‘Doh!’ moments – like spilling a drink on your laptop, leaving your phone on a train or sitting on your headphones. It's worth spending some time checking that you've got the cover you need away from the home.  Your Homeguard policy can provide extra protection for specified items outside the home, so it’s worth checking you have cover in place for any valuable items. As with all insurance, terms, conditions, limitations will apply.

Change 3: Your home might be overrun

When you are home, you’ll probably be getting visitors, which can be chaotic at the best of times! Home insurance often has you covered if things get out of control and a mishap occurs – like Nan’s chicken korma suddenly going airborne and landing on your sofa. So, check to see if accidental damage cover is included in your contents cover policy.

For extra peace of mind, while everyone’s having a great time at your place, you might be surprised to learn that your home insurance can cover the personal effects of your overnight guests too. 

Homeguard contents insurance provides cover of up to £1,000 for visitors’ personal effects, so if you were to have a house fire, and your visitor’s suitcase full of clothes were impacted, for example, you might be able to claim for this. Definitely something worth checking with your provider if you’re going to be hosting a lot!

Hopefully, that’s everything covered about how reopening can affect your insurance. If you do have any questions about home insurance, our Mortgage Consultants will be happy to help. Simply call 01525 244 589 or alternatively email customerservices@sequence.co.uk with your preferred contact number and/or email address in order for us to contact you.

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